This is the end... for now.

Even though I know there are no longer prisoners inside, I still always feel a great sense of relief walking away from the prison rather than towards it.

As we walk I would be remiss if I didn’t point out a couple more places of interest. There's the Washington Square (click on the picture below to get directions!) 

... and the interactive fountain at Lukiškių Square (click the picture below to get directions!)

As you can see, my friend, the life of the dissident is dangerous, but interesting and very worthwhile. You might think it’s all in the past, that these stories you’ve heard happened long ago… but the truth is, we still fight for our freedoms daily. We must always keep a close eye on the government and make sure that they protect our rights and freedoms. If not, we must be ready, once again, to work from the underground, voice our concerns, and fight for our beliefs!

Having learned the history, heard the stories and seen the places, what do you say? Will you join us? Are you ready to become a dissident? Become part of the informed generation, the generation that will be able to use the lessons hard learned by those who came before and apply them to whatever future challenges may arise? Are you ready to stand and be counted if an oppressive government tries to take control again?

Well, I think you are! And I think we are the better for it!

If you want to know what you can do, directly or indirectly, to help the cause more, here are ways for you to take action.

And now, the tour has come to an end, my compatriot. I thank you for listening and choosing to understand the fight we still engage in, the challenges we still find. I will say goodbye to you here. As for me, I’m heading back to the restaurant Neringa for a bite and some good music. I can give you directions if you want to join me, or you can make your way from here to wherever you want to go next.